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Sickened by the quotes that are used to support the extremely insane anti-abortion laws that call pregnancy the affect of women’s stupidity. They’re coming after my people, and it’s fucking with my soul. ⁣

There is SO much to say about the hypocrisies about all the legal things that are not “pro-life”. ⁣

Plus, if you don’t trust us stupid, irresponsible women, put MALE CONTRACEPTIVES on the shelves so that your intelligent, responsible kind can put an end to all of this. ⁣⁣A way too common conversation in the bedroom is… F: “Can you pull out?” M: “Oh, why, you’re not on birth control?” 🖕Ew, it’s not that black & white. Respect our choice. We do our part DAILY, do yours for a minute. ⁣

But instead of listing out all the nonsense, here are 3 things: ⁣

@plannedparenthood @prochoiceamerica @aclu_nationwide @aclutx 👉 #StopTheBans May 21st 12pm

1. Since no law is officially passed, let’s take this huge scare to motivate us – donate our 💵 & ⏰ to the organizations fighting for our rights.⁣⁣⁣

2. Privileged women, like myself, let’s be aware. These insensitive laws target, first and foremost, the minorities & underprivileged. These beautiful, young, vibrant girls grow up in situations without proper sex education, access to healthcare, or parents who can financially prioritize gyno appointments. Due to a culture where casual sex & abusive households are a norm, one mistake can mean she has to put her education & career on hold without a support system. ⁣
3. What also hurts me is the twisted people who take God’s name in vein using messages of love to promote their own agenda and hate. Please know that there is a love & energy that connects us all – God is Love. The Spirit (or whatever name you want to call this energy source) would NEVER shame you nor judge you. God is that feeling of comfort when you’re in a difficult decision. He is not those picket-sign holders saying you are going to hell. Those people are misguided, misinformed sinners going through some shit. It’s impossible for Love to hate. ⁣⁣⁣⁣
So women, we got each other. You’re not alone. We love you. God loves you. Only you know what’s best for you.❤️

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May 5, 2019

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