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Me cheeeessin after buying a really nice, high quality olive oil to put on my salads, rice, veggies and maybe even my skin!? Using low quality oils does your body no good. Among the many downsides of eating low quality oils, one is that it makes your digestive system work harder than it has to, to break down the oil! WowoOWOW #themoreyouknow 🥑

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May 24, 2019

@jatothena X @tushmagazine ⁣⁣ shot by @arminmorbach . #mpmanagement #mpmanagementmilano #modelling #modellingagencies #editorial…


April 29, 2019

🕊 Gunce for @glamourgermany // Photography: @jana_cleve Styling: @ttzimmermann Mua: @normanpohl Hair: @hauke.krause