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@thehalfieproject behind the scenes by our team photographer @jayxlee92
This is Daniel. He is half-German half-Korean, and specializes in traditional Korean architecture, the hanok. It was so lovely to meet and talk – his interview is coming to the channel soon 🙂 Thank you @taensojang (for being so patient! 😂)
우리의 포토그래퍼가 찍어준 #혼혈인이야기 bts 사진 📷 이 분은 독일과 한국 혼혈인 다니엘이에요. 다니엘은 한옥 같은 한국 전통 건축에 전문가이에요. 저희 첫 인터뷰는 곧 체널에 올립니다. #theHalfieProject

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