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4 Tips for A Healthy Realtionship

Travel Together (literally anywhere)

I know this is probably a little cliche and I know it can be expensive so I’m not saying go beyond your means here but more so just get out of your every day routine once and awhile. I think routine can be a really scary thing for a relationship and you need to change your scenery and schedule up as much as you can to create new memories and stories together. If you can’t go away for a week, go away for a weekend. If you can book a luxury hotel, find a cute Airbnb that is just a road trip away – just change it up and it will do wonders for your time together.

Wake Up Happy

This is something small but wake up every morning and take a minute to just be happy with that person next to you and then begin your day. I use to jump out of bed and get everything going in the kitchen, of course I was happy but I wasn’t actually taking the time to acknowledge it. Now I wake up, smile, roll over give a kiss, cuddle for as much time as we both have and then we get the day going, it can literally be for just 2 minutes! If you aren’t waking up next to them, send a text – just start on a positive note. 

Photography by Erin Leydon

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