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Conhas Coffee

I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.

Conhas Coffee has two locations; one in Seogyo-dong and one in Hapjeong-dong. They’re not too far apart from each other. The one I visited is in Hapjeong.

It’s quiet and feels like someone’s house in the “our friendly neighborhood” part of town; trees line the streets leading to the entrance, and the cafe itself is complete with its personal courtyard, an open attic- style second floor furnished with two worn armchairs, and a small balcony.

In the summertime, the outside patio is cozy with the murmuring conversations of guests and friends. The wintertime can be a little chilly inside due to the big windows and open spaces.

The music is nice, neither too loud nor too soft, the atmosphere is not too professional nor overly romantic. As for the Hapjeong location, I’m not sure how well suited it is for working on your laptop; tables are spaced out and I don’t recall seeing many plug ins. The Seogyo-dong cafe has a much better arrangement for studying and work; the tables are big, with plenty of space. For Hapjeong, It’s best for coming with some friends to chat or for a casual business meeting.

I visited in the edge of autumn last year – the trees were still green but the air held a tinge of crispness, that smell of fall that indicates the end of summer is nearing. I felt like a cat sunning herself as I sat in Conhas Coffee, the cafe alit with natural sunlight streaming through their windows. It’s a beautiful space; the ground floor can feel a bit cramped and rather neon-y; it’s admittedly not as friendly as the main floor. The second floor is tiny and the stairway up is narrow; but if you’re looking for a private place for just you and one other, it’s a nice little loft tucked up away, overlooking the rest of the cafe through the ceiling beams.

Come for the good bread, well-made coffee, and interesting interior.

Hours: Mon – Friday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm / Sat – Sun 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Locations: Mapo-gu Hapjeong-dong 369-21
Plastic Free: Yes except for the straws

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These photos are thanks to 안동호 

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