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why i cut my hair

For years, when I would mention anything about cutting my hair all I ever heard was “don’t do it”. Don’t do it because I’ll look younger, or I won’t be as sexy, or because my hair is too pretty to be wasted. I was flattered, but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. 

Of course, I loved having long hair. It WAS sexy, mermaid-like, yada yada. After all, I’ve had long hair for majority of my adult life. Last time I had it shorter was in 6th grade so I kind of believed people when they said it’d make me look younger. Which is usually a good thing for women in their 20’s but I’m not there yet. 

I listened to everyone and kept my hair long. I hated every minute of it. It was heavy and would literally weigh down my head. To the point where if I hadn’t washed it in a few days it would get heavier and physically hurt my head. Whether it was in a pony tail, bun, or even down sometimes, it hurt! Having it down was impossible, you guys know I’m all about comfort so the amount of inconveniences accompanied with it being down just wasn’t worth it. 1) It was hot- I live in Miami and I’d rather not feel like I have a towel around my neck suffocating me. 2) bending down or trying to get nearly anything done with my hair in my face blocking most of my peripheral vision was just annoying. 3) I did not have time or energy to style it most of the time. I really only liked it curled in beach waves so if I couldn’t do that, up in a high bun it went. I complained about how much I wanted to chop my hair off all the time,  my friends and boyfriend can vouch for that.

Finally, last week I decided I was done. I was done inconveniencing myself for other peoples opinions. At that point, I really didn’t care if I loved a short cut on me or not I just wanted it off. Also, once I realized that for the last month of living in LA I hadn’t worn it down ONCE…I asked myself what the point of having long hair was? I was wearing it in a high bun for every occasion and when I did try to wear it down it’d go up within the first 30 minutes. Once I came to that realization, I totally got behind the idea of cutting it. 

So, I started my search on

So I went to my trusted hair dressers at




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