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miami swim week 2017

For those of you who don’t know what Miami Swim Week is like from a models’ perspective. Let me paint you a picture. Imagine 300+ incredibly beautiful girls in bikinis packed in the ballroom lobby of a hotel all rushing to be the first in line for signup sheets. On top of that, the guy who is controlling the sign in process is a young gentleman with a very heavy german accent with a megaphone yelling models numbers to line up for their turn. When I say yelling, I quite literally mean YELLING, like top of the lungs type-ish (It’s as scary as it sounds). Once in the casting room, models walk in groups of 3-4 girls in front of a panel of judges. If they are interested in booking you for their show they ask to take your photo, if not, they say thank you and you exit the room.

It is a hilarious, chaotic, anxiety provoking process, but we all show up to do it. 

I went on Swim Week castings for the first time last year and was humbled by the fact that I did not book anything. Not a single show. About 4 or 5 brands were interested in me enough to take my photo (out of about 10 or so castings) and I did not hear back from anyone. As you can image, I was disappointed, but like anything else in this industry, you can’t take it personally. 

So this time around I went to the castings with a different mindset and no expectations. I ended up taking photos for again for about 4 or 5 different brands (which is an achievement in of itself) but this year I actually got called back for one of the shows and it was for an AWESOME brand…but before we get into that, I’ll take you through my week. 

ishine365 x peroni @ sls south beach

After hair and make-up were done we had some time to goof around, take pictures, & get our hands on some sushi prepared for guests attending the event…shhhhh.
I collaborated with one of my favorite brands

Wearing Tori Praver 2018 Collection

hot as hell- paradis trouve mmxvii

Behind the scenes- backstage for hair and makeup was just as chaotic as the week itself. 
Hitting the stage in my first look and mini me’s!

Pictured with @Mei_lin_official

HAH (Hot-as-Hell) is known for showcasing the strength and power of women in their show. For years they have incorporated women of all different age and ethnicities in their line up ranging from kids, to pregnant women, to women in their 40s. Before the show started the models were given a pep talk by designer and founder, Sharleen Ernster. She told us to be strong and bold, no hearts, no kisses. This is what makes HAH stand out from the rest of the shows and another reason why I was so happy to have booked this show specifically. 
My second look was one of my favorites from the whole show. The bright red lace made a sexy and bold statement. Not to mention the super comfy cover-up.

skemo x swim show convention 

Swim Show is an annual 4-day convention that takes place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The convention is meant for buyers to connect with brands so they can make selections on what they want to hold in their stores for the upcoming season. Buyers are looking for the latest swimwear, cover-ups, and jewelry trends for their businesses. As a model working the swim show, our job is to try on the clothing so the buyers can see what different styles look like on a person rather than a hanger or mannequin. 

I find myself learning new things about business and the industry every year. Nothing beats hands-on, experience-based learning. 

This year I worked for an amazing “boho-chic” clothing brand called Skemo. I’ve shot for Skemo before for their catalog and working with the owner, Romi, is such a pleasure. She is passionate, caring, and hilarious to work with. 
All of the clothing and jewelry is fair-trade and hand-made in Bali, Indonesia. Romi uses Bali as her main source of inspiration for the brand and usually stays there months at a time to design her lines. The quality and details of the pieces are second to none. I couldn’t help but put in a order for myself too. 

montce X funkshion

Although I didn’t get to attend as many shows as I had wanted to (due to being sick & exhausted from working) I was happy that I could make it to one of the my favorite brands 

Montce did not disappoint with this seasons line. Fun, flirty, and extremely flattering. What else could you ask for in a bathing suit? Congrats Ali!
As I look back on my week, I accomplished everything I wanted to. I booked my first big show, I worked with awesome brands, and I got to meet and network with new people! I’m thankful to live in a city that has a thriving industry and that I can participate in events like this. See ya next year Swim Week!
Love, Liv. 

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