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Ethereal and Airy – Summer in New York

Summer doesn’t officially start until late June, but it feels very much like summer right now in New York.

The city is coming back to life with the recent warm weather.  People are out and taking long strolls through parks and neighborhoods again.  It’s bittersweet though.  Places that used to be there are no longer around.  For example, there’s a cute coffee shop right by this location.  We passed by, and unfortunately, it didn’t make it through the pandemic.  Just a somber reminder of how dark and serious 2020 was.

On a lighter note, I do find that people are finding small moments of joy again.  A new park just opened by the pier, street musicians are playing in Soho and Central Park, and restaurants are slowly filling up.  Adding more florals to my summer wardrobe feels fitting.  It’s as though NYC is blooming again.

Just in case you’re looking for ethereal, airy, and floral dresses for summer, below are some of my favorites.  All of them are currently on sale, and from Cettire, an online destination that offers designer items at discounted prices!

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It’s hard to describe how beautiful this floral dress is.  And I love that it shows off the back!  Having a six-pack back is the closest I’ll get to six-pack abs.  The movement, floral print, structured sweetheart neckline, all of it makes this piece exceptional!

Thank you so much for reading and happy summer everyone!


DRESS | Zimmermann dress (see more floral options above)
BAG | Yuzefi pink bag
SHOES | AJE sandals

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