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Important Styling Lessons for Pant Suits

Adding color, texture and movement to pant suits are great ways to balance their structural elements.

You know what’s so funny… I owned ZERO suits when I was at my corporate job.  Now being in the creative field, I have a small collection.  For some reason, I never equated suits to office wear only.  To me, the idea of wearing suits incorporated elements of creativity leaving so much room for personal style.  The one thing I learned about pant suits… adding color is so important.

In general, I find that pant suits can feel a bit stiff.  To add movement and interest, I love pairing them with whimsical details.  A voluminous ruffled blouse or a bold pussy bow shirt.  Strong complementary elements that would balance the structured look of pant suits.

Another way to offset that stiffness is using color.  A black pant suit feels and looks very different from a pink or a light blue color one.  For color considerations, I personally love rose (this rose pink suit is currently 60% off!).  It’s beautiful all season round, flattering on virtually all skin tones, and has a powerful yet gentle presence.

Another reason why I’m so attached to suits is that they act as separates, which opens up different pairings throughout the year.  For example, I can restyle this blazer in the summertime with shorts or I can pair these tailored pants with a red chunky sweater for spring.  They’re perfect with pumps, kitten heels for more comfort, and sneakers for a casual look.

I hope you enjoy this pairing and thank you so much for reading!


SUIT | Rebecca Taylor pink blazer and pink tailored pants (currently 60% off)
TOP | H&M ruffled blouse
COAT | Zara coat (more options: Ralph Lauren red coat under $200; H&M wool-blend red coat under $70)
BAG | Chanel stitched flap bag

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