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Creating Tomorrow: Predicting the future of the home just got that little bit easier

If you follow me on either of my instagram accounts – @CarlaBuzasi and @thecountrypunkhouse – you’ll know I’m slightly obsessed with interior design. I’m currently on my third renovation and always have a project on the go; currently it’s my three stepsons’ bedrooms, which I’m determined to have redone by the end of the year, after painting them all in dramatic blues a few years ago and now discovering that they all hate dark blue (apparently).

I’m at a distinct advantage on this front thanks to having the WGSN’s interiors experts on speed-dial, not to mention thousands of colour palettes to sift through in the Coloro swatch books, although the latter can make decision-making somewhat difficult.

But clearly I’m not the only one whose love for making the four walls around them just that little bit nicer has grown during 2020. All across the world, consumers are adjusting their spending habits, buying into paints and pots, fabrics and furnishings, as they seek new ways to accessorise the place they call home. And this means, in a world of uncertainty and restriction, there are multiple new opportunities for those of you in the design industries to capitalise on these burgeoning trends and the many associated avenues that fit alongside it.

To ensure you stay a step ahead in this fast-moving world, last week we relaunched our Lifestyle & Interiors platform, resetting everything from our analysis and tools, to – of course! – the design.

Our mission today is the same as it was 10 years ago, when we first launched WGSN Lifestyle & Interiors: to provide the very best in global trend insights, expertly curated data and industry expertise so that you, the innovators in this space, are empowered to design not just for current lifestyles but those of the future, too. And we hope with our new look and feel, it’s not just easier and more beautiful to use, but that the analysis you find inside will fill you with ideas, direction and motivation.

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