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7 Ways To Style A Scarf

There are countless ways to style a silk scarf and during the summer a scarf can easily elevate a look. We created our own Song of Styles scarves with extra fabric from a few of our favorite spring prints – you can add it as an accessory or even wear it as a top! See how Aimee styled it here. See below for some fun and easy ways to style a scarf.

1. As A Face Mask

This is probably the most relevant way to repurpose your silk scarves! Inspired by @bridgetbragerhair’s tutorial, you can easily make a face mask with a scarf and a pair of elastics.

2. As A Hair Bandana

For bad hair days or to simply protect your locks from the sun, wear a scarf around your head.

3. Like A Choker

Nothing’s more chic and classic than a skinny scarf around your neck. Go monochromatic or add a pop of color!

4. Like A Headband

You can make it a headband. Make sure to leave out bits to frame the face.

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5. As A Scrunchie

Add a pop of color and use a scarf to tie your hair into a loose ponytail.

6. Around your neck

There’s no wrong way to wear a scarf, here’s a classic triangle that’s reminiscent of the wild west.

7. Around Your Ankles

Jazz up your ankles and wrap a scarf around it. It’s a fun surprise next to simple sandals.

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