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Coronavirus: Global Change Accelerators

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically altered daily life across the globe. This has accelerated a number of strategic shifts WGSN has predicted, creating a new business landscape.

While more flexible ways of working are being explored by employers and employees alike, the pandemic is driving companies to adapt at speed. Work rituals are transforming as self-isolation shows how successfully businesses can operate from unconventional environments.


Virtual Services

While travel and human contact is being restricted for many people around the globe, businesses can act creatively to operate while prioritising the safety of their staff and customers. As people get used to, and even start to enjoy, working from home, companies will accommodate and encourage flexible working among staff. This shift will accelerate the popularity of hot desking as companies see the operational savings from not running large offices. Remote regional co-working spaces will emerge as businesses build strategies that facilitate connection and collaboration when working from home. 


Across the events space, companies have had to adapt at pace to find workarounds to replace trade shows and festivals. Creative responses have resulted in the acceleration of virtual and live-stream events. This new format will appeal to the eco-conscious consumer, who is now able to benefit from alternative events without impacting their carbon footprint.  


This digitalisation of services isn’t restricted to events and e-commerce. Looking forward, it will benefit all industries, from food delivery to business meetings, supply chains and education.

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