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Growing up, my hair was always one thing I never had to worry about. It was long, thick, and most of all durable. I was always impressed with how healthy it stayed despite the amount of heat and product I would use on it. I had dance competitions every weekend and ballet classes every week, so my hair was constantly being brushed back, pinned up,  gelled down, teased up, etc, etc. In hindsight, I was not very nice to my locks at ALL. 

As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my hair isn’t able to bounce back like it used to. In the last few months, I’ve been under a lot of stress with work and my crazy schedule and it took a toll on my body and in turn, my hair.

My baby hairs were unruly and crazier than ever! My hair seemed to be breaking and I was NOT having it. I happened to notice my bestie, Jess, had these Hairtamin vitamins at her place and she only had good things to say! So I reached out and gave them I go myself. 

What caught my eye was was that they were 100% drug and & chemical free and vegetarian capsules. The advanced formula is a synergistic formula of vitamins, minerals, and super antioxidantsIf you’ve followed me long enough, you know what I really only use products that have clean ingredients so I felt Hairtamin was a perfect fit for a partnership. 

I’ve been taking it for a month now, and have already seen a difference. My broken baby hairs are much more manageable and I even noticed an improvement in my overall scalp health. I’ve struggled with dandruff for as long as I can remember and after a few weeks of consistently taking Hairtamin, my dandruff is much less. So happy to say that this product works and I’m happy to share it with you. 

You can check out Hairtamin for yourself at and use discount code OLIVAPASCALE for 15% off.

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