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GUYS 💛 that Q&A sesh was so fun. I’ll try and do it more often but I can’t promise each time will have hot, hot tea 🍵 I’m gonna answer one question I didn’t get around to post but want to talk about: the biggest thing that helped my IBS and candida symptoms was cutting out dairy. Mourning the (indefinite) loss of dairy in my life has been traumatic but it has also helped to stop my 24/7 pregnant lady bloat and my stomach from being a gnarly gas chamber. I’m literally a happier person because of it and I think you guys suffering from similar gut/GI issues could benefit. Try it out and let me know :)⁣

Also, I shot something fun in my friend & artist @biancakann’s studio. I can’t wait to reveal soon!!! 🐚🌼💙🍒🌞

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