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Weekly Words: From Paris

After some honest conversations we all realized how we struggle in the same ways, we are critical of ourselves, question just about everything and analyze instagram numbers way too much during this period of the year. By the end of the dinner, I felt a sense of relief I wasn’t alone, I spent the next few days in Paris trying to enjoy every minute and being proud of the progress I’ve made and the content I’m putting out. It’s funny that I happen to be writing this right after International women’s day because it made me realize how important the support of strong women are in my life. We all made each other realize how we should be celebrating more of our victories and worrying less about the things we can’t control.

Hat: Lack Of Color

Jacket: Namesake (linked an inexpensive version below but if you want a quality one, splurge on this Namesake one!)

Pants: Sally La Pointe (sold out in white but linked the rust color which I love too)

Earrings: Jenny Bird (out soon!)

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