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Since I was a young girl, I loved to think of myself as bold. #ad I strived to break the mold of my cookie cutter peers and prioritize my values and goals. I believe it’s what got me here. But looking back, that was only a primer for what I hope to continue to manifest in my life.⁣
Unless something is a HELL YES, I’m saying no. I’m being extremely selective of the people I choose to be in my life. I’m allowing myself to⁣ #ChoosePleasure because that’s what drives my life into positivity, self-love and success. @dovechocolate’s The Bold of Us Summit reinforced these ideas and inspired me to live a life I’m proud of. ⁣
Oh, and their new chocolate bars are incredible. Unsurprisingly, their updated plain dark chocolate is still my #1 🍫 #TheBoldOfUs #ChoosePleasure

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April 25, 2019

무대에서 받는 에너지는 설명할 수 가없네요 😍 @lunapirates_band 공연때 찍은 사진은 @erica.almquist 덕분에…


May 15, 2019

Straight from @Carlabuzasi's session at @WorldRetail, download our exclusive report on Gen X,…