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I am still on a high from last nights panel!!1!1! Thanks for coming out and hearing my two cents on how food is mood. That being said, here is how to make oat milk: if you can, use high quality, organic rolled oats. In a blender, combine one cup oats and two cups water. Add as much cinnamon and honey as your heart desires to this first little batch. Blend until very smooth then strain into a mason jar using a cheese cloth bag or nut milk bag or a strainer with tiny holes or, I guess a sock could work?(🤭🤠😟🤗) lol don’t try it. ANYWHO, repeat this process until you have as much oat milk as you want! Add water to make it thinner. Keep it in the fridge for about four days❤️😍✨🥛☕️ #oatmilk

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