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Can I hop on this “Instagram trend“ where every girl is staring directly at the sun while their eyes are burning out of their skull 💀! OK cool, YYYEEESSSS! NEW VIDEO UP ON YOUTUBE THE LINK IS IN MY BIO ❤️ Also if you’re wondering this is the best song ever, it’s called skin by Mac Miller. I grew up listening to him and I’ve been non-stop listening to his music nostalgically while painting… RIP we miss you 🙏🏼

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December 17, 2018

M.A.R.G.I.E.L.A. @dasha_shevik X @mm6maisonmargiela 'prefall 19 . #mpmanagement #mpmanagementparis #mpmanagementmilano #modelling #modellingagencies #maisonmartinmargiela…