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Music is my love and passion. I often wake up with a song in my head, hum to myself, sing lyrics that people use in conversation (Ex: Person- “Yea, I didn’t get the gig. Well. That’s life.” Me – “THAT’S LIFE! That’s what aaaall the people sayy 🎶 I mean, I’m sorry to hear that.”) and essentially am a walking jukebox 💟
I was asked to sing at the wedding of @algoonie and @eunwoo_is_uno – still I remember this wedding being one of such sincere love & celebration. Thanks for the photo (how did I just find this so late) 📷 It was an honor.
음악은 나의 사랑 ㅋㅋ 일을 하고있든 운동하고있든 아침에 일어날때 밤에 잘때 출퇴근 길에 노래는 계속 내 머리 속에 있어요. 난 본래 살아 있는 주크박스인가봐요 😬 얼마 전에 친구들의 결혼식에서 노래를 불렀는데 아직도 그 결혼식은 웃음과 사랑으로 가득했던 날로 기억에 남아요 ♥ 영광이었어요 💟

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