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Diamond Hemp

As you guys know, I love natural products, especially when it comes to beauty products. What so many people don’t realize is that the products we put on your skin is soaked up into our bloodstream! So I never understood why the products we put on our skin aren’t held to the same standard as what we put in our mouths.

I’ve noticed quite a few companies introduce CBD beauty and skincare products. I was curious to find the

All in all, I am a fan of these products and would recommend them to any friend. Like I said before, I will always take quality over quantity, especially when you are talking about products that are going on our skin and then into our bloodstream. I can’t stress that enough! There’s some things in this life that I am willing to pay more for, and one of them is good skincare products that I can feel confident about using. It’s so important to know what ingredients are in your beauty products, especially when so many companies are putting fillers and harsh chemicals in their products. Thank you Diamond Hemp for sharing these lovely products with me.

Thanks for reading! Have you guys tried CBD products yourself? What are your thoughts or questions/concerns? Leave a comment below!

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It has taken me years to get my hair to this point. From the time I was 13 years old I’ve spent every day or every other day blow drying my hair for hours, then proceeding to straighten it, then clipping in extensions and styling them. A total time ranging from an hour to two hours every day. I did this without thinking, and I did it so that my hair would look like every other girls hair. I did it because when I wore my hair curly people would question whether it was natural or not because I was white. And accuse me of it being a perm. Saying that it’s weird to be a white girl with curly hair. Boys would tell me that they liked my straight hair better. That my hair was “unique” which in my head at the time had a negative connotation. This led to a series of insecurities about myself, even ones as ridiculous as “my clothes even look better when I have straight hair”. Eventually I grew up, exited the weird bubble of high school, and moved out on my own and to the world. Over these past couple years I’ve learned that unique is better, not bad. And while I still have to do my hair for photo shoots, you know as soon as I’m done I jump in the shower and let my curls do their thing. I’ve fallen in love with my differences, and I know that’s easier said than done. But is soon as you learn that the confidence you exude in yourself as what other people see, their opinion becomes irrelevant. Love yourself. Period. Thank you to the people that broke me out of my shell and loved me unconditionally to get me to this point. @eshbeverlyhills x @sunbum x @uberliss #curlygirl

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