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A day at #thegettymuseum ❤️… it was exquisite!!!! If you guys haven’t been to the Getty it’s definitely a must see !! I was overwhelmed with the beauty and the history of art…. loved how I was amazed by the story telling and history of the world in each painting while @jenny_watwood was astonished about the craft and detail of color within the painting. So funny how perspectives work for each of us.

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April 25, 2019

my birthday is april 21st JUSSAYIN. 😎🤓🧐🥳🤠🤡♈️♉️#incaseyouwerewondering #imsureyouwerent


December 30, 2018

Rose gold and diamond, my fav combo from @chopard. 😍 #ChopardGift #ChopardHappyHearts #LittleDiamondsDoGreatThings…