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New Year, New Denim

Straight-leg jeans are definitely the new boyfriend jeans, and I have to say, nothing makes me feel as fresh and put together as a great pair of denim. Straight-leg jeans are my wardrobe staple, and I love how versatile they are. You can dress them up with a sexy cami for a night out, wear a sleek blazer over them for work, or pair them with a chic sweater for a more casual occasion. Are you ready to step into the new year with some new denim? Here are my top picks for you:

1. Mother Tomcat Straight-Leg Cropped Jeans
2. GRLFRND Denim Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans
3. Levi’s High-Rise Raw-Edge Straight-Leg Jeans
4. Mother White Straight-Leg Cropped Jeans
5. Topshop Raw Hem Straight-Leg Jeans
6. FRAME Parisian Straight-Leg Jeans
7. Madewell High-Waisted Straight-Leg Jeans
8. Levi’s High-Rise Cropped Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans

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