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2018, thank you for being one of the best years of my life. And a HUGE thank you to you all for supporting my journey and my work along the way. ❤️⁣⁣
I would love to hear any of your memories at any of these festivals in the comments! 🙏 ⁣⁣
2018 was the year about moving, changing, and taking risks. The why-the-fuck-not year.⁣⁣ The year I…
• Left the 9-5 structure to pursue freelance/contract work and my photography more seriously ⁣⁣
• Finally was hired by festivals to be on their photo teams 🙌 ( Shout out to @thedolab @dirtybirdcamp @coachella @okeechobeefest) ⁣⁣
• Moved to Austin 🤘woooo finally!⁣⁣
• Found a lovely job in ATX, made friends, & became a local at a cafe⁣⁣
• Said yes to every job opportunity in pursuit of doing marketing work that I love⁣⁣
• Started doing video & finished 2 video projects ⁣⁣
• Went to 9 new festivals and worked 1-2 festivals a month⁣⁣
• Lived in Colorado (even though that wasn’t part of the original plan)⁣⁣
• Interviewed 50 artists for @eforestradio at my first attempt at radio/podcasts ⁣⁣
• And my favorite part… the year that two of my beautiful best friends got married ⁣⁣
Thanks, 2018, for keeping me afloat while I tested all the waters. ⁣⁣
Now, I’m hoping that 2019 is the more stable, successful year and year of love. I’m getting old.

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