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Oh hello, Internet. I am back from a beautiful 3 week trip to Guatemala and finally recovered from a Central American “montezuma’s revenge” aka some crazy food poisoning shiz 🥴. Only took a week to eat again and look at a screen, haha.⁣⁣
I want to write a sentimental post about 2018 being one of the best years of my life, but it seems more fitting to laugh at myself for having a shitty start to the new year 💩 😉. I made it to midnight at @cosmicconvergence solidifying 2018 in pure gold, but at 12:05am all that goodness shook away leaving me purging on countless Guatemalan bathroom floors.⁣
But, my trip really was the PERFECT way to end the year, just apparently not the right spot to start 2019. The journey was just the inspiration I needed to kick my ass into gear.⁣⁣
All in all, the experience taught me to…⁣⁣
• trust my gut⁣⁣
• shit happens, stay positive ⁣⁣
• just roll with it 🧻 ⁣⁣
• and… that I can speak Spanish even while incoherent, which comes in handy when you’re on the run(s)⁣⁣
Fine… I’ll go back to being normal tomorrow. 🙄⁣

In the meantime, a Before & After Slideshow artfully captured by my travel buddy & nurse @meiraonthewall. ❤️

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