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Revivo Bali: Keep calm and move on

Wellness and self-care has never been so important, especially during tumultuous and uncertain times. The desire to get away from it all is at an all time high, and with the winter holidays right around the corner, a quiet oasis that allows you to be at one with nature sounds like a perfect way to reflect back on the challenges and accomplishments from the past year. 

City by City Associate Editor Nicole Hurip ventured deep into Nusa Dua, Bali to experience a detox of the mind and body at the newly opened Revivo Resort Bali.

Revivo offers highly personalised wellness programs that combines fitness, nutrition and holistic treatments. The result? A fully comprehensive immersive experience designed to energize and revive. I tried the Sleep Well program, comprising of yoga and fitness classes, healthy meals and spa treatments for the purpose of de-stressing and getting a good night’s sleep – a luxury for many. Pampered, pummeled and purged of toxins – here are my experience highlights. 


The location

Surrounded by lush greenery and a stillness that’s just all too rare for city dwellers, Revivo is almost relaxing enough in aesthetics alone. With Balinese-styled suites and a beautiful pool sunk into the clean, cream tiles, it’s stress-meltingly picturesque. The dining pavilion offers gluten-free, organic meals, and the fitness center comprises of dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces for yoga, meditation and fitness. These are all intimately located within minutes of each other, but with just 16 suites in total, guests are able to relax without worrying about crowds of other patrons jostling for space.



Attentiveness is at the heart of Revivo’s offering, with schedules tailored to suit personal needs and goals. A limited capacity ensures that the experience isn’t lessened or less impactful. In fact, visitors can expect almost the sole attention of instructors across the classes. Complimenting spa treatments add to the experience, with the Ayurvedic Shirodharai treatment becoming my personal favourite (hot oil is drizzled steadily onto your forehead and scalp). 


Personalised wellness

Personalised experiences are increasingly valued amongst consumers – and even more crucial in regards to health and wellbeing, where a tailor-made service is expected. At Revivo, a wellness coach was assigned to assess and monitor my physical and spiritual wellness. Soul-bearing discussions of hopes, dreams, fears and anxieties were shared with wellness coach Andrea (above), who provided insight, clarity and a list of dietary suggestions and advice for a more grounded, fulfilling life upon leaving. 

Maybe it’s something in the water, but there was a lightness in my body and spirit as I concluded my journey with Revivo – an apt Latin phrase, “I’ll live again” 


For more information about Revivo click here.

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