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A Letter from Aimee: Celebrating 10 Years

It’s been 10 years – a full decade – since I began Song of Style, and I can’t even explain how weird it is to say that out loud. I talk about my humble beginnings in my second book, World of Style, but a lot has changed for me since I’ve started this blog. For someone who loses interest quite often, having a blog for 10 years has been a big achievement, but at the same time, my career has taken a lot of twists and turns. Now, it’s  time for a new chapter. I’ve been working on the relaunch of this site since last year. At one point, I think I lost my passion for blogging. I wasn’t the same person I was 10 years ago when I was super excited to shoot my outfits, edit the photos, post them on the site, and write about my day. With my travels and other social media platforms, my blog wasn’t so much of my priority anymore, yet I felt obligated to continue to post since so many of you guys visited. Another thing that has been weighing on me is the fact that I constantly felt bad that I wasn’t producing meaningful content. In an age where everyone is producing content, it’s hard to filter out the noise and find something that’s actually meaningful.

With the new Song of Style, that’s what my team and I wanted to create. Instead of the typical click-bait titles with empty content, or covering celebrity fashion that doesn’t bring any value, we wanted to create a space where we can talk about things that matter to each and every one of us. Here, we want to include everything from talking about the anxiety of not doing enough compared to our peers to skincare products that actually helped clear our acne. Don’t worry, we’ll still talk about our favorite trends and outfits, and we will still be a big part of the new site. We also want to hear from you guys and want you all to be part of the new Song of Style, so feel free to pitch us any ideas you want us to talk about! With the new comments feature, I want the new site to be a place where we can have discussions and exchange ideas. I want you to be as much of a part of Song of Style as I am.

I want the new site to be a place where you can find people to look up to and learn from.

The most important thing I’ve learned from the past 10 years is self-acceptance, I wanted to be someone else and didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Partially because I just never had any role models growing up, but also because I just didn’t know where to look for any. That’s why, on the new Song of Style, I want to share more of my own stories and also stories from some of my most inspiring friends and colleagues. I want the new site to be a place where you can find people to look up to and learn from. As I grow, I’ve learned to be more comfortable and confident as a person, and if there is anything I want you to know, it’s that it takes time for you to become the person you want to be. It’s taken 10 years for my blog to become a fuller, more authentic picture of who I am and what I want to put out into the world. I hope that my journey can serve to show you that the best things in our lives take time and that we are all on the road to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

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