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I have so many things to update you with! Remember the meeting with the former SF Police Commissioner? I have an update! Unfortunately, it didn’t really answer my questions, but it gave me a better understanding of crime and safety. IG only gives me 2000 letters to write and this issue is a rather long and intense one. I wrote a full blog post about it. If you have time, please stop by. The link is in my bio. Here’s a summary of my discussion with him: Safety and crime can not be fixed by one department. Specifically speaking, the police department. It’s a mismatch. It’s tough to expect the same uniformed officers to be amped up to catch criminals and be empathetic to victims of crime at the same time. This is not to say that it’s impossible to be both, but it speaks to the complexity of the occupation. In other countries, the role of crime control is done by the police (and/or military) and the role of public safety is done by communities. In other words, the police department is extremely effective at managing major crisis. And safety issues are managed by neighborhood associations, civil infrastructures, social workers, schools, and so on. In the U.S., crime and safety are usually considered as one unit. And according to the Police Commissioner, that’s when the system falls apart. I wish I had more tangible actionable things to report back from this meeting for those part of the #metoo movement and those affected by assault. I’m just scratching the surface when it comes to crime and trauma healing. I’ll share with you everything I learn along the way. In December, I’ll be in LA to meet with community leaders to discuss trauma and healing, and in DC to meet with Congress members to discuss policy. Thank you so much for being on this crazy journey with me. Truly, thank you.

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November 10, 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone! ☀️ It’s @saramarievictoire here doing a brief #editortakeover with images…