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My darling, you are a gem among dusty stones. How lucky I am to have found you!

Welcome to Geum Jung Hun Cafe. You won’t find much about it online. A family-run, cozy coffee shop in the style of the traditional Korean house, the hanok, Geum Jung Hun is nestled among the resident homes in Bukchon Hanok Village. Keep in mind, that seating is quite limited – so if you do come, perhaps morning is best! Even though I came on a Sunday morning right at opening, only about thirty minutes later a big family of six came in and took the other half of the room. So be careful of when you decide to drop in. The kitchen is directly connected with the main space; any separation of worker and customer seems to become thinner and thinner.

It is right by Bukcheon Hanok Village; so after a good day of exploring the beautiful hanok homes (taking good care to never step over boundaries as a tourist! These are people’s actual homes, not just tourist sites.) stop by Geum Jung Hun for a nice traditional tea. My recommendation? Their shikhye is refreshing and not too sweet. Just right. If you want something a little more interesting, see their grapefruit tea! I’ve never had one quite like that. 🍊 여기는 금정헌 카페입니다. 온라인에 검색해보더니 많은 정보가 없더라고요. 가족 경영하는 전통적인 찻집이에요. 아늑하고 작아서 자리가 많지않고 분위기는 아주 조용하며 편해요! 북촌 한옥 마을에 위치하고 영업 시간은 오전 10시부터 오후 6시까지요! 자몽차를 추천합니다 ㅎㅎㅎ 놀러오세요! ☕

Location: Bukchon-ro 11-gil, near Anguk St.
Hours: From what I can tell, it’s M through Sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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