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My invisalign experience

Taken by Curtis Childs.

Like most pre-teens do, I counted down the days until I got my braces off. The hope of every visit was crushed when my orthodontist would say “just a few more weeks”.  It came to my sophomore year of high school and, well, not to sound dramatic but I was tired of his shit. Homecoming was in a few days and I was determined to have them off for the infamous “hoco pics”. Priorities right? My 15-year-old self thought she knew better than her well-educated orthodontist and insisted that they come off. Somehow, I was able to convince him. 
Fast forward 6 years (of not wearing my retainer- lets be real who ends up wearing those things) and my teeth were getting noticeable worse. They weren’t crooked, and still looked great from the front, but from a side angle they projected outward and it started to bother me, especially in photos. It wasn’t something I was necessarily insecure about (yet) but I knew if I didn’t do something about it, they would get progressively worse.

Before Invisalign. Taken by Lucien Sirois.

So I looked into

Attachments seen in photo. Taken by Shane Rad.

All in all, I’m SO happy with my results and I have to thank the awesome team over at Advanced Dental Care of Pembroke Pines, FL for their incredible service.

​If you are thinking about investing in Invisalign and it won’t break the bank, I’d say go for it! A smile you are confident about from every angle is priceless! And if it means you will smile more often, hell- who doesn’t want that?
Let me know if guys have any other questions and I will reply down in the comments below.

Love, Liv. 

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