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scarf play

An Abbott Kinney day in one of my favorite silhouettes – crop top, vintage Levi’s that are fitted and loose in all the right places, heels (these are a super old Zara purchase! satin mules feel very minimal princess), tiny bits of gold jewelry, and a bag that updates everything just right. This Balenciaga Jacquard lock shoulder bag is a study in texture and scale play with its utilitarian fabrication, thick chain strap, and intertwined oversized scarf to make it as satisfyingly chunky to gaze at as it is plush on the shoulder. The color scheme it offers surprisingly goes with everything which is good cause it hasn’t left my side since arrival. Loving the new thing and just getting on with your life with that little upgrade is such a fun feeling. And in the spiring of getting on with stuff, I put together a list of my current favorite random spots in LA ✨

Bardonna Larchmont 139 N Larchmont Boulevard

A menu and environment that makes sense for every level of hunger and thirst. I love going in for an iced latte or a giant salad and finding a tucked away spot in what feels like a secret back patio.

Beverly Hills Juice 8382 Beverly Boulevard

Even in a city with juice options at every fifth step, BHJ’s carrot coconut wins cause I just can’t find it anywhere else. So good smooth or blended into one of their signature smoothies.

Marvin 8114 Beverly Boulevard

Unassuming but elevated and with so much personality, Marvin is one of my favorite places to have a glass of wine and catch up with friends.

Magpies Softserve 2660 Griffith Park Boulevard

Corn almond (vegan!) soft serve. Something to slightly build your day around.

PYT 400 South Main Street

Cause vegetarian doesn’t have to lack in presentation. PYT does all the go-tos but with more style. And cocktails that are kind of insane.

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