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Fall Fashion Trends & Styles 2017

Hi everyone! This is one of my favorite videos to create! One, fall is my favorite season, and two, I hope to continuously share my favorite locations with you! =)

For this Fall Trends & Style 2017 season, there are five that I personally love:

  1. Color of the Season – Gold: Gold or autumn maple is such a versatile and rich color to play with.
  2. Tweed/Plaid Texture: Classic, classic! A great tweed or plaid coat is timeless!
  3. Slouchy Boot: Personally, a new style for me to embrace but I do adore it. Great with casual and dressy outfits!
  4. Structured Bag: The box shape is in the spotlight this season and I love it. It feels like I’m carrying a small trunk around =)
  5. Feather Details: Delicate and very holiday! Soft wispy textures are great to add for a feminine feel.

I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching!!! See you soon on YouTubeland!

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